The Disney Pixar Tag

YES, you might be thinking, why on earth would I write about something like Pixar ? Well, remember that I’ve also written about Harry Potter, […]

Chocolate Mint Brownies

*the soundtrack to this was the Harry Potter theme song (lots of it) and Pentatonix Christmas songs – btw* Woaw this blog is turning into […]

Baking Banana Bread

WELCOME TO INDI & EMMA’s COOKING SHOOWWW 😂😂. <<an entire pack of butter was unlawfully melted in the oven during this process>> So if you […]

Rounding Up November

I haven’t done this before, but I really wanted to write down some of the things I did this month, because I’ve actually done QUITE […]

How To : Themed Instagram

<< I’M NOT A PRO AT THIS😂THIS IS JUST THE STUFF I DO>> But, I have gotten some comments and messages that people like the […]

Films I’ll Never Get Tired Of

First of all, I know this is the second consecutive blogpost about movies, but I changed the title to ‘films’ to show variety (: It’s […]

Johnny Depp Movies – Ranking

YEP YEP I KNOW NO JUDGEMENT PLEASE. Anyways, some of my close friends and family know that lately, I have somehow been obsessed with Depp […]

Couple’A Days Back Home

This half term, we went to visit Belgium for a couple of days – mainly because its was my grandmother’s birthday. We stayed fewer days […]